Melba Carlsen

Status: Active

Phone: 778-859-2218

Reverend Melba Carlsen is an evidential Medium, providing readings and messages from those in Spirit. She is a facilitator for Spiritual Healing and Mediumship workshops and mediumship development circles. Melba also has years of experience doing private or group readings, and tarot card readings.

Her objective in teaching mediumship is to make it easy to understand how the spirit world works, and how to develop your ability in order to strengthen your connection with it.

Melba was aware of spirit from a very young age but did not investigate until her 40’s. That study led her to the Spiritualist Alliance, where all ministers and platform speakers are practicing mediums. She became involved in the Spiritualist Alliance ministry in 2008 and was ordained there in 2015 after several years of study and mentorship.