Angela Swift

Status: Active

Ever since Angela was a little girl, she had the feeling that she was different– instead of playdates and tea parties, she spent her days amongst her imaginary friends in the BC woods. This feeling of differentness and an affinity to nature stayed with her as she grew up. In her teens, she would often see animals that have passed on– especially cats (her favorite animal still). At first, her special abilities unsettled her, until in her 20s when she came to accept her gifts. For over 20 years, she has gladly shared her gifts of seeing the spirits of loved ones on the other side with trusted clients all across the globe. Skilled in mediumship, tarot, psychic development, reiki, and animal communication, Angela is your go-to person for your spiritual needs. Her education and experience include: Training at the Springdale Spiritual Church in platform mediumship, Stansted Experience with training from instructors from Arthur Findlay College in England, Training in Lillydale (a spiritual community located in New York), In-house psychic at The Hedgewitch (metaphysical store located in New Market, Ontario) for 20+ years, Featured in British Vogue and on several television and radio shows, such as Raising Energy, YouTube podcast with Jim Hunt: White Noise, Featured on Angel Morgan’s, Raising Energy. & and over 50 years of being a natural-born psychic!