what is spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is a form of mediumship. The healer attunes to the universal life force energy and becomes the instrument through which healing energy is passed from spirit to the recipient. The healing comes through the healer and is not of the healer.

The esteemed British healer, Harry Edwards wrote:

When a sick person is deemed incurable it means that human wisdom has become exhausted; medical science can do no more. When, through spiritual healing, the “incurable” recovers and is restored to health it must mean that a superior intelligence has intervened. As this intelligence is not human, it must come from Spirit.*

*To understand more postulates that govern healing you can refer to A Guide to the Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing by Harry Edwards.

Available through the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary website: www.sanctuary-burrowslea.org.uk

types of healing

CONTACT HEALING This is done with the healer and the recipient present. The healer is the attuned receiver through whom spirit forces are received for transmission to the patient. This is usually done with the recipient sitting on a stool or lying on a bed.

ABSENT HEALING (sometimes called distant healing). The person receiving the healing is not present during the transmission of energy. Healing is being directed by an attuned healer by thought and prayer to convey to spirit the request for healing to reach a certain individual who is suffering.