Longing for a life that is no longer as its as will cease and new reality will carry us forward. A new reality that will see those who are enlightened turn from using me to we when we are moving through this world. There will be a resurgence of compassion for our neighbors, for now we see what it is like to be just me. To be just me is lonely. There is no value to be cocooning away without the slightest care or regard for others around you. It’s lonely. To be selfish and to look out for one’s own interests may seem to be a good idea at the time. Maybe there is money or power or some material value at the end, but you will be left with just me. No one can truly say that they enjoy only being me. But rather, we all enjoy being part of we. Whatever your we may be, its yours and yours to treasure. Your we may be family, friends or those precious little fur babies we hold so dear. That’s ok too to be with animals we love. It’s compassion, love and caring that make our we special. We all strive to be part of a we. Doesn’t matter if it is at work, home, school or amongst friends. It is our we that connects us to one another and brings us closer to spirit. Your spirit friends are also your we. We are there for you in times of sorrow, sadness or illness. Unlike, the we that you create in your world with people around you, we are your constant. We will never move away or find a new we. We are always your we. Do you see?  So when you look around during these difficult days and may not be able to see your we, remember to sit in the silence. Call us in and enjoy our presence. Because we will never allow you to be just me.

Dictation from Spirit September 20, 2020, SM Shelley Schonwald