Inspired writing by Rev. Ann Siddaway: SA December 8, 2019 I give you the gift of time. A rare and precious commodity in this busy world. We live our lives by it, yet there is never enough to go around. We always seem to be running out of it. There are only 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year. And even with an extra day every four years, there is still not enough, never enough time.  However, I’d like to give you something for Christmas that is meaningful and useful, and so I give you time. How, you may ask, it this possible? There are rules, there is science, there is physics. No one can give more time. Well listen carefully and I will show you how to transcend the barriers of time, stretch it, expand, manipulate and mold it. Make it yours to control. It is really quite simple. Bring your awareness to bear, become aware of every precious moment, every minute, aware of the many tasks that fill your day and leave you feeling rushed and overwhelmed. What do you fill your day with? Work, appointments, computers, iPads, iPhones, visiting, TV, driving, running from here to there, always rushing and feeling there just isn’t enough time. STOP! Let time stand still for just a moment. Allow yourself to breath and in that breathe ask yourself, what is next? If I had more time how would I want to spend it? The wonder of this gift is that it is controlled by you, through your thoughts, hands free, no strings attached and guaranteed for life. With this gift of time you can spend it with your daughter, son, loved ones, friends or just alone, relaxing, reading, doing what you want to do for a change. Write down something you would love to do for yourself; make a date, put it on your calendar or verbally commit to spending a little time and it will happen. Make a statement, a promise to yourself to stop being too busy, to stop saying you are too busy, to not fill every moment of every day. Take this gift of time to do something fun, or use the time for relaxing or sharing or doing anything with your time that makes you happy. Allowing others to steal your time from you, robs you of your power and momentum, of your will and your joy, of your love and zest for life and its purpose. By being aware of how you spend your time you can do less of what you don’t want and more of what you do want. Why fill your time with others’ needs and wants when you have plenty of your own needs and wants, when you neglect your own. Fill yourself with love and self care by doing what satisfies you, what nurtures you. Use this gift of time to paint, to run, to cycle, to bake, read, whatever it is you love to do. Use this time to pursue those things in life that bring you joy, take time to be with the people you love being with, the work that gives you pride, the hobbies that make you smile and feel whole. Unplug and find peace in silence, the beauty of nature and the vastness of the universe. It takes practice to learn how to use this gift, and although the result will be different and unique for each person, the instructions are the same. Each morning ask yourself what you would like to do today. Not what you must do or should do, but would like to do. Set a goal to use some of your time for you. Then set that intention in your mind. Through the simple act of awareness, you will find that the reminder app will bring it to the forefront of you mind throughout your day. It will be persistent and constantly be there until you have accomplished it, recorded it, registered it as a task completed. Perhaps its phoning a friend you enjoy being with to have coffee or taking a walk in nature. Make the call, set the appointment, meet that friend, take that walk and revel in that sense of freedom, joy, pleasure and even control. A sense that you are taking your life back. Each day set an intent to take this gift of time and put it to good use. It may mean saying no to some of those things that keep you so busy, things that can be put off, don’t really need doing or belong on someone else’s to-do list. It may take several attempts to get it right, to work out he kinks, but it will work and it will be worth the effort. I give you the gift of time. You will find once this gift is opened and you master its operation, it will bring you more pleasure, more love, more joy in your life than you ever thought possible. It will grow and expand like currency well-invested. Guaranteed to enhance your life, deepen your personal satisfaction, heal your emotional, physical and even your spiritual well being. Now you have a choice to make. You can keep the lid on this wonderful gift until it is long gone and forgotten, hidden away in the recesses of your too busy mind, as your life spins out of control, until you are overwhelmed, burnt-out, lost in an avalanche of tasks and to-dos. Or, you can open this amazing gift, contemplate its worth in your life, treasure it, use it and be grateful, for it will change how you see yourself in the world, it will bring you joy, balance and self-esteem. This gift of time is being given to you at the perfect time in your life. It is just the right time for time! Copyright: As this is the creative property of Ann Siddaway, please do not copy or distribute without permission.