Here we are again at Christmas. A time for introspection, a time to go within, to contemplate. It is also a time of giving and receiving. It is a time of joy and peace. Or is it?

Joy and peace go hand in hand. One cannot experience joy without peace. In truth, one cannot experience anything of value without peace.

Peace from nation to nation is a utopia desired by most people, and although it is as simple as acceptance and love, it is elusive. It is lost in the wants and ambitions, the discontents, not just of the influential and powerful but of us all.

When do we have enough? What does it take to satisfy need? What is need?

These are questions that when answered with sincerity lead to personal peace, and personal peace is the only path to peace between nations. A nation of people who are satisfied with their lot in life, happy to live in harmony with those around them, with respect and acceptance of the differences of opinions and ideas of others, does not incite chaos–and war. And those who live in this way do not experience chaos and war within themselves.

Acceptance of your lot, and respect and acceptance of the ideas of others is the basis for inner and outer peace. This is so simple, and yet is is almost unattainable to so many.

Give this thought in the quiet moments of this Christmas season and prepare your path for the new year and the rest of your life to live in the heaven of personal peace.

And if the world follows you to utopia? What then?

Received from Spirit by Rev. Lyn Wells, December 21, 2017 and read at Sunday service December 24, 2017.