Travel lightly this holiday season. Leave all your worries and troubles far away. For this one time of the year, those of us here wish for all of you to feel the true joy and levity of being a spirit, not a human being.

Bring forth the thoughts of happiness and joy. Think of what you have versus have not. For when you see yourself as you should, you will feel lighter and more carefree. The world we are in doesn’t think in dollars and cents and about the earthly possessions. You can’t take them with you, you know.

So when your thoughts turn sour and you are feeling down, remember all of us here. We are with you in your journey. So you are never alone. Your loved ones who have joined us over time are here too, joining in the festivities and the joy that the holiday season should bring.

We are all aware that some of you at this time may be in mourning, and fear not; for you, we are close and send our love. In your quiet moments, give a thought, a small prayer or remember a wonderful time we had. We aren’t far away and will join you in your fond memory. We, too, will celebrate amongst our friends on earth and will touch your thoughts with love and memories.

So as you travel through this season, be merry and laugh. Because you see, it is the laughter, lightness and joy that bring us close. When in that moment you have a happy memory or perhaps make a new memory, you will know that we in spirit may be with you and even had a hand in it.

With all of our love to this earth, we wish you peace, joy and happiness.

Received by Shelley Schonwald, SM, and read at Sunday service, December 17, 2017